The certificate is based on Kauppalehti's annual Achievers (Menestyjä) series
comparing the financial success of Finnish companies. Obtaining the Achiever
certificate requires the company's financial performance to be among the best
in its industry and in Finland. Some 1.9 per cent of Finnish companies are
eligible for the Achiever certification.

The Achievers are classified by Balance Consulting, the analysis unit of
Kauppalehti, which is part of the Alma Media Group. The analysis takes in account six
aspects of the candidate companies' financial performance: growth,
profitability, financial result, liquidity, solidity and debt serviceability.
The comparison includes all Finnish companies with an annual turnover of more
than Eur1.7 million.

A company is classified as an achiever if the comparison of key indicators puts
it in the top tier of both its own industry and the entire country. There are
approximately 6,000 such companies in Finland, meaning that only 1.9 per cent of
all companies fall within Kauppalehti's Achiever criteria.

The Achiever certificate is the proof that a company is holding a solid financial
foundation. Companies with the Achiever certificate are reliable and desirable partners, as well as
good employers. The Achiever certificate also shows that the management and
organisation of the holder company are working efficiently and the company has
the required business acumen.

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